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Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Efforts

From the Southern District LCMS

     This important post is an update on the Southern District response to Harvey relief efforts.  I know many of you have been praying for those in the path of the storm and are anxiously waiting to know how you can help. 

     Our Southern District Disaster Relief team has been asked by the Texas District to provide our experience and resources, especially in the area of organization and management of volunteer work camps.  The volunteer camps will triage the needs. We are enabling our churches and their people to be servants to their neighbors. The camps will also be centers of distribution to meet the basic and immediate needs of all people.

     Very early numbers from Texas are reporting over 105 members have water in their homes. Many members evacuated from their homes (over 30). Church damage – 6 with roof leaks, 3 with minor damage, 2 flooded. Pastors’ homes flooded – 5. Staff and teachers evacuated – 3 Staff and teachers flooded – 3.  30,000 people in shelters. These numbers will increase as assessment continues.

     I thank all of you for your partnership in the Gospel and your generous sharing of Jesus’ love, mercy, and compassion.

     Rev. Kurtis D. Schultz

     President, LCMS Southern District



PRAY for those in need and for those who serve them with the love of Jesus.

GIVE money and other items when the call goes out for them. Cash gifts are needed the most at this time. 100% percent of your gifts will go to the affected areas. 

       You can send your checks by mail to: Southern District – 100 Mission Dr. – Slidell LA 70460. Please mark them for Harvey Relief.  

       or Click Here give online at

VOLUNTEER next week after the search and rescue phase is over; 

· The District will provide contact information to sign up to help.

· Jim Forthman will have information as it becomes available to help with our St. Paul’s Bed & Breakfast Ministry to traveling Disaster Volunteers.

· Watch the website, Facebook page, and Twitter @SDLCMS for more information.

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